December Updates

Hi Guys!

Sorry been out for a long while— My Health had not been good for me this year. I mean, September and October has really been a whole lot challenging, so I’ve been re-cooperating a whole lot but, I think that’s enough about my personal stuff. Let me just get on with what I want to update you guys about.

First things up on the list:

My recent updates these past couple of months since September till early November 2016.

  1. Gpicks will no longer be coordinating with Unlimited Grub Grabs from this day forward. Although, we may team-up from time to time (but, this is because we’re actually around the same writing community here in the Philippines.) No worries thou, we are in perfectly good terms.
  2. I have participated for the #LSGH-Talk for Young Writers during their Literature Week.
  3. I have teamed up with Ms. Maita Rue (from Talecraft) in manning the booth for the Johnson & Johnson’s bazaar. Selling and promoting indie author’s books as well—
  4. After the two day bazaar, I have then volunteered to help manning the booth at the #LSGH-Book fair. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the week last week due to health concerns as well.
  5. This Saturday, November 26, 2016 at 6 pm in BGC- FullyBooked Taguig. Talecraft’s second and third Anthology for both Myths and Legends and Horror will be released. Please do come if you read this in advance and you have the chance to check us out!


Now that the latest updates have been said, how about a few recaps on what we’ve been able to accomplish for this year 2016.


  1. I have been officially invited to write for My Trending Stories, and while I have not been able to post as much updates just yet, I am pleased to let you know that I will be doing my best to further write more feature stories and whatnot next year.
  2. Gpicks and together with #HeistClub were able to formally launch their books to the Filipino Reading community on both Physical and ebook copies. (Yey!)
  3. The other of Gpicks (which is me—Magsi Rover by the way) was able to successfully write for #Talecraft’s anthology 1.)

anyhow,  I will try to post more soon.


Thanks guys!



There’s a new Art shop in Makati and it’s located at Greenbelt 5– The Craft Central is your neighborhood specialty retailer, bringing you hard-to-find arts and craft supplies.

To celebrate their opening. Here’s their weekend treat for everyone who will drop by at their shop. If you visit this October 1st, you might get a chance to meet the Author’s from #HeistClub and get your Indie Copies Signed!

Check out these amazing details:

FREE WORKSHOPS from different lovely crafters! Check out the TENTATIVE schedule below:



1PM – Paper Flowers by Gerry Rosales & Embossed Calligraphy by Ink Scribbler
2PM – Paper Flowers by Gerry Rosales & Jewellry Making by Bedazzled
3PM – Stencils on Wood by Pia Suiza & Jewellry Making by Bedazzled
4PM – Stencils on Wood by Pia Suiza & OOTD Painting by Nina Nill
5PM – Creative Journaling by Aireescreates & Heist Club Meet&Greet
6PM – Creative Journaling by Aireescreates & Heist Club Meet&Greet


1PM – Cord Organizers by Soul Flower & Demo painting by Sab Diegor and Megan Dino
2PM – Cord Organizers by Soul Flower & Heist Club Meet&Greet
3PM – Watercolor Techniques by Lloyd Ladera & Heist Club Meet&Greet
4PM – Watercolor Techniques by Lloyd Ladera & Portrait Painting by Sha Erandio
5PM – Stamping by Amanda Legato & Papercut Bookmarks by Joanna Dela Pena
6PM – Stamping by Amanda Legato & Dreamcatcher Making by Thea Castro & Alicia Lazo of Moonage

The Craft Central #nowcraftingatgreenbelt and still on CASH BASIS. Thank you for the patience and see you!



Feelings For Sale: #romanceclass at #MIBF2016

Pressing to share this feature article by Author #RacquelCastro abou the up coming #MIBF (Manila International Book Fair 2016). I’ve been pressed for time but I am hoping that by re-sharing this post. It can serve as my support for the #RomanceClass Community and the #Authors as a way to promote their #Stories. Hope you guys will enjoy reading. Hey! You might discover an author that may take in you’re fancy.


Love Lots,

Author Mags


No Strings Attached by Mina V. Esguerra Carla is a whiz at her job: she’s efficient, reliable, and a total genius when it comes to putting something together at the last minute. The snag is she’s s…

Source: Feelings For Sale: #romanceclass at #MIBF2016

On Mutual Grounds: Respect

Life isn’t fair.

A phrase we often read, hear and far often given as unsolicited advice from random people whom to claim to understand what is fair and not.

Frankly, I don’t encourage the phrase as an advice at all.

My reasons would be is that because life is complex to grasp in many ways and that there are different variations to situations and because of this, we simply cannot be tactless of our words such as simply saying:  life not being fair would often sound demeaning to a person.

So, instead of stating these lines why can’t we say…

My friend, I may not understand fully your pain yet, I can relate or at the very least empathize with you as a friend.

I think that sounds more human and honest,.  We face battles that we do not speak about to others because we’ve either raked down six feet under the ground or build twelve stories high of distrust towards society in general that we feel that we seem to understand every pain that another person feels. 



FB’s Legacy Contact feature

I was fiddling with the settings on my mobile Facebook account when I found this and Honestly, I may not dwell on this topic too long but may Get back at discussing this further in the future. I figured sharing this might do some good to those who would like to make sure that their accounts are well taken care of, in case something happens to them. I dedicate this post to those who worry about their safety each day or their health. 
However if you find yourself confused on what you are looking at allow me to shed some light.

The new Facebook feature is an added opportunity by Facebook themselves to ensure that the acc ts of the deceased are well managed. I remember. Recent article about a statement from them not long go that Facebook would be filled with this dead than the living. I haven’t had the opportunity to check on the actual details but this seems to be one of their solution to the problem. Will get back to you guys as soon as I find the opportunity to type on an actual keyboard and not via tablet.
Jut posting this update to sure with all of you. Thanks for dropping by!


The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide

Welcome to Gpicks, I do hope you enjoy what you will find and read from my private space.

Recently, I have received private messages from various people asking:

“How do you blog?” or “How can I blog?”

At first, I was merely responding to these messages because I simply felt like helping them start their way on blogging however, as time passed by and the messages increased. I figured, it is time to post an actual article about it.

Here are the few topics that I’ll be discussing from this post.

I. What is a blog?
II. What are the different types of blogs?
III. What topics to write about your blog?
IV. On Why we blog.

Now, Gpicks may slowly be increasing more content as the months pass by (ever-since our site make-over) I really am still a newbie at all of this but it has always been a welcome journey. Now, I found a good article written by Kenneth Byrd from the site source about blog basics and I read through the post and learned more than I already know about. I think it really pays to research more on what you do.

So here are a few points I have found and would like to share to you guys.

I. What is a blog?

    ” A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a blog is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.”

If you would like to read on further about it simply click on the link that I’ve provided and you’ll be able to read more about the article.

Now that you know the basic definition of what a blog is I would like to share the quick TERMINOLOGY basics that also come from the article I posted to help you understand further before I carry on with the rest of this post.

Blog (noun) – a journal or diary that is on the Internet.
Blogger (noun) – a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing the way news is shared.
Blog (verb) – to write a blog – I am going to blog before breakfast this morning.
Blogging (verb) – the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my way of sharing my passions with the world.

II. What are the different types of blogs?
It feels all too formal so let’s get out of the box a little shall we?  I like it when my post feels like we’re actually talking to my readers. So here are the top five filtered list that we’ve selected.

Here are the top 5 on my list:

1. Personal – These are the type of blogs that you share almost anything in random. Like an online journal that specifically falls into something general that you would like to share to people e.g photography, ramblings and insights about the world. This is usually best when you haven’t decided on a specific topic that you would like to focus on.
2. Business – Everything related to product reviews. Often times people who do business blogs are those who are selling their personal products or may also be promoting their favorite brands.
3. Non-profits(charities, fan base and the likes): When you support a movement at one point and you just want to help them either grow or catch more attention towards their network. Setting a trend or winning a contest.
4. Political – This is a tricky and yet, insightful type of blog. It does not work well if you’re not armed with the knowledge to share you’re opinions.

Often times it could get very messy when you state facts that were not technically true. This is why we leave the reporting to journalist people. In general, everyone in the media industry that has a better and broader understanding.

5. LifeStyle & Hobby : This is a perfect platform that combines both Personal, Business and non-profit. Often times the people you see who do these are Youtubers with their walk-through games, product reviews and simply sharing it to others. Photoshoots of their cosplay and the likes.
III. What topics to write about your blog?
Now you know the types of blogs are. I think this wouldn’t be that hard from this point because when you know what type of blog you plan or wish to construct. I think it would be easy to think about what you would like to write about.

IV. On Why we blog.
Well, I can’t really answer the question for everyone. So, I’ll answer with my own reason in hopes that it serves a purpose in guiding you on what you would like to do when you start blogging. I first began writing online around 2005 for the following reasons:

1. venting out my opinions about society
2. my pent up anger (orz’ under a pen-name)
3. support my favorite artist/anime/fashion/product/groups in general.

However, years passed and the plat forms had changed. I began to realize that my writing online had become a journey and in time it slowly became a part of my life. Right now, I’m still learning and truly it has been an amazing experience. I may not be able to explain it right now here in this post but don’t fret. I’ll be writing a separate post about it just for you.
So watch out for My Journey through the Cyber-World followed by the pro’s and con’s of being online.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you found this useful.
please do leave a comment down below and if you like what I write you can follow more updates through my social media accounts.

Stay Awesome & keep fighting!

On Coffee, Smokes & Writing-Closer


At long last, I’ve found a way to struggle back into writing.

How are you guys doing so far? —
Don’t worry, you don’t need to talk to me about anything specific.
I’m not here to force you to share me everything, just thought of asking the question to call your attention at the very least. It helps when you feel down or when you feel like your attention has been divided.
Anyway today has been a cold and drizzly Tuesday, updates from the local weather station stated that there will be a storm brewing but, that doesn’t really worry me at the moment, I do feel sluggish tho, because while the world carries on with their daily rituals, here I am inside the comforts of my room, in my world while writing: CLOSER

A tribute story for last years journey.

I haven’t decided yet on where I would be setting the stage for it but, all I can share at the moment is that this is a short detour before I edit massively for Velvet Valentine’s release this August 2016. If you’ve been following my blog since last year, some of you may remember a post about Finding Peace through the Art of Writing.
If you haven’t then you can check out the link that I attached on the name of the post but if you don’t feel like it, then here’s a short summary post:

“I saw myself from that perspective and realized how different my thought process is now compared from last year, as well as the biggest change that ever happened in my late twenties.
In this piece of thought, I could definitely guarantee one thing.
I’ve found my peace in the Art of Writing.”

Looking back from last year, so much has changed that it has come to a point that it does not feel like a dream anymore. More like a reality that is taking place, a welcome one where the challenges feel real enough to make me feel alive.
When I wrote that post, I was in the process of writing Velvet and it required my full attention. I dropped everything that I was doing and took the time and courage to write that novel.

It was two days ago when Facebook reminded me of that moment. First thought in mind was:
“Wow how time flies!” I exclaimed to myself while staring at the notification.
I decided to read what I wrote and from that point. I understood what I was trying to say to myself.

I can make it.
I can do it.
I’ll live and grow stronger.
I won’t fail from this, and there is nothing more I can lose.

Truthfully, I was right. It wasn’t a mistake to leave the Job I’ve begun to feel numb and it wasn’t a mistake to shut the people out that gave me the worst memories of the last three years. I began to look back at everything that I have done and I felt so proud that I did not give up. When I truly felt like I really wanted to.
Taking a sip from that black instant coffee, puffing a few smokes while trying to stay awake and battling the call to snooze and in between writing this entry and Closer- The Tribute Story.
I received a message from a friend of mine just now, and she tells me that she had the most bizarre dream. It may sound like this is out of context from the topic of what I’m posting but really, it isn’t far from that at all.
It’s because in her dream, After a decade denying my feelings to that one person I held dear, I finally got the chance to meet him again. The person whom I’ve been dedicating Velvet all this time.
While in her dream warranted a wonderful response of amazement, I was surprise to see my fingers type words of pessimism and yet I am grateful that someone thinks of me meeting that person I cherished all along.
Tonight, as I publish this on gpicks and at My Trending Stories there is one goal in my mind.
Publish that stand alone of Velvet Valentine as a gift to myself because I am no longer the lost little girl (well–technically woman but, yet since my height is close to that of a girl. There you go~) from last year.
Now that my goal is set and this post is slowly turning into a novel, I would like to say express my one year of gratitude messages to these following people:
Mark Manalang – My Good friend, it has been an insane ride and I look forward to more of these in the future. Years has gone by since we met, and I must say this now before I forget. THis year and last year has been truly the most unexpected experience. Thank you as what I would always say to you but it can be overly said so please do allow me from time to time to express it by helping you with the little things. To you I owe you these best days of my life.
Racquel and Yeyet Soriano: I’ve never expected to be close to the both of you and I respect you both like sisters that I’ve never have. Thank you very much and I am here, always when able. I cannot express so much details of this gratitude so please, in the coming years. I hope that as my writing and stories grow, I’ll be able to express my gratitude enough for a life time with the both of you.
#TeamRavens Alexandrea, Jonna, Ron,Charise Mercado, Kenneth Arenabo (Arebano~ XD) Thank you my darlings for the support and love, , Lyber, Criselda, #JustWritePH, Lianna,Anton, Ms. Mina V. Esguerra, Ate Georgette,Ana Valenzuela #HeistClub for the Launch and all the stories (So sorry, still working on those reviews and reading), Maita, #Talecraft Master Creators Anthology, Tobie Abad, RomanceClass people  Thank you very much.
I hope and wish to work with all of you in the future.

I know there are many more people who I have not been able to name everyone here just yet, but I would like to sincerely Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I guess this happens once in a while, especially that this august is birthday week. Teehee~

I’m still partly broken but it’s a wonderful piece of tragedy now.

Just like an old painting filled with stories.

I want to say thanks to all the people who took the time, in their own little way to motivate me to the end.
but maybe the word “end” doesn’t feel right and so, I’ll say:
To Inspire and Motivate me for the rest of my life.

Trivia Tuesdays:
A little piece of trivia from me to you. I have been writing for years but, it was either as a ghost poet for the school paper, content writer or in my journal. I’ve never had the courage to express my writing and allow anyone to critic my works because, I only thought of it as a hobby. I’ve relied on auto corrections and the english that I’ve known ever since but since last year, I’ve taken time to learn more about myself, writing and practice in general. So yes, Thank you indeed for giving me the inspiration and chance to live this life as a real writer and storyteller. I’m far from perfect but, I’ll get there soon.
Thank you for reading and cheers to you all. Have a safe evening on the way home or a good night rest if you’re already home. Please don’t forget to eat dinner too!🙂


P.S I’ll be editing this from time to time to add-on the links and make it shorter perhaps, but for now please endure the grammatically challenged author.

Musings of the Undervalued

Ever wondered how government employees feel?

well, not really just them but to everyone who serves anyone in particular in honor of true Customer Service. Read through K.Ken Cua’s musings and who knows, you might find yourself saying the same thing. Cheers and enjoy!

p.s don’t forget to leave a like or share it to your friends! ^^


Slander – Noun: The action or crime of a false spoken statement damaging a person’s reputation. Verb: Make false and damaging statements about someone. – From Merriam-Webster &nbs…

Source: Musings of the Undervalued

Saturday Treats: ‪#‎FeelsRushIn‬ Event

The third and final post of the day!

I’ve reached my 100th post and this one will be part of the bonus. So!

technically that makes it 101, right? (*laughs*)

okay! Enough with that, before I make my weekend escape. Allow me to share this event that will happen tomorrow as a little treat to my co-authors who write #Romance and just for the name of #Love!

What better way to spend the weekend than to fall in-love with Books but wait!

I hear there is more than meets the eye about this event, and although I may not have the full details. Might as well share it so you guys can also check it out for yourselves. If you’re looking for a way to share your old books and give back to those who are indeed of learning and looking for good books to read. This event might be what you’ve been looking for all month-long.

check out the poster and the hashtags on Facebook for more details.


Saturday! ‪#‎Trinoma‬! @romanceclassbooks, merchandise, live readings, kilig 💕Free, and you’re invited.
Thank you ‪#‎AyalaMalls‬ #Trinoma ‪#‎LittleFreeLibrary‬ @filreadercon!
Come over with books you want to donate to Ayala’s Little Free Libraries, and you’ll get ebooks from us. 💕 ‪#‎FeelsRushIn‬

Writing and Staying True

Hi, if you’re reading this right now then you might be one of the few people waiting for my stand alone release of my novel Velvet Valentine in Mirrored Hearts.

I’m not yet ready to reveal anything further than the snippets you’ve read from the #JustWritePH-for Love bundle (but if you’re one of the lucky winners of the freebies or one of our supporting buyers).

Then you might probably understand my musings as to why I haven’t been able to make that release come true. So, I’ll again type it down in bullet-form for the few major reasons.

  1.  I was originally planning to release the stand alone last February 13. A day before Valentines Day but, I was unable to make it happen. The reason was simple to understand really but was very complicated to solve at some point. In general the story is already complete but there were too many technicalities that lacked that I wasn’t able to properly convey for the story to fulfill the title itself.
  2. There were lots of personal issues going on that I was not able to simply progress with writing the whole novel, let alone edit it on my own.
  3. The genre of the story does not really sit well with ROMANCE. Admittedly, it will give off that vibe but, I have to make this clear. The story is not based under romance and as it will progress it will not be in that latter at all.
  4. The decision to carry on writing and publishing it as a stand alone will be a hall-mark of what I would like to do in progression for my writing adventure.
  5. I’m still all new to this, and normally I’d like to really observe first before I jump into the unknown waters but sometimes, life just does not give us an option and there are people who would want you to really either succeed or fail.

These are the top five reasons but don’t worry. I’m not making any excuses, as promised to my readers. I will carry on and publish the story but, all I can ever share right now is that when you write something from the heart and pour your soul into it. It doesn’t always turn out well at first, so all you have to do is simply find the will to keep on moving forward regardless of whatever is lacking with you right now (meaning myself) but if you are in that same pit as I am. Then I guess that would mean us, right?

I’m aiming to make a release before my Birth Month. I hope all things will go well and wish me the best of my ability to keep up with life everyone!

I’ll also cheer for all of you whenever I can.